Room for a completely new Central Heating System

This project involved the realization of a commercial space for a new central heating system.

We constructed both the steel structure and covered it with sandwich panels

Montreal Canada

A new insulated commercial space in Eastern Canada, an environment where temperatures drop well below freezing. We gladly took on this challenge.

For some spaces where technical installations were to be set up, the requirement was 60 minutes of fire resistance. Therefore, sandwich panels with mineral wool were used for these spaces.

You can see the result in the photos.



Warminster England

A beautiful project as part of a modern and high-quality greenhouse complex. We were commissioned to create an insulated industrial space and to clad a section of the greenhouse.

With over 90 insulated skylights, the space is saturated with natural light.

A wonderful example of the transformation from concept to reality, where form and function go hand in hand.

Czech Republic

A beautiful project in the Czech Republic.

The client chose to take on the assembly entirely by themselves with the help of motivated colleagues and the provided construction manual.

We can only confirm that they succeeded very well.

Western France

The task was to create an insulated production space adjacent to a newly constructed greenhouse. The location was in Western France. The requirement was, in addition to utilizing the floor space as effectively as possible, to have sufficient daylight. This was achieved successfully with both skylights in the roof and in the exterior walls.

South of Switzerland

We received a commission from our business relation to create a commercial space between the existing office building and the production greenhouse on the other side.

North of Switzerland

This project was realized in northern Switzerland. The client's requirement was to create various spaces for production, packaging, and even areas for the staff. As seen in the photos, it was a project where the line of the facades was determined by the location of the plot and the adjacent road.

New build for Work- and Storage space South-holland

In the picturesque South Holland, where the canals weave like ribbons through the landscape, we've had the opportunity to add a new chapter to the horizon. Our esteemed client has commissioned us to create a standalone commercial space, as a harmonious blend between a workshop and storage.

South West France

Covering a classic steel structure with insulated sandwich panels remains a sight to behold.

The selection of insulated roof panels with a 100mm PIR core not only ensures a pleasing overall appearance but also provides excellent insulation.

Extention existing commercial space Bonaire

In the sun-drenched Bonaire, we had the opportunity to make an expansion to a previously completed commercial building.

The expansion included several storage units, each equipped with an overhead door.




Refurbishment in France

Under a clear blue sky, a greenhouse section was completely transformed into an insulated production space.

Utilizing the existing substructure construction.

Refurbishment in South Holland

An impressive conversion of existing spaces with a beautiful result.

The end facades were equipped with various new entrance systems, ranging from high-quality aluminum doors and windows to sturdy and insulated overhead doors.

The installation of new side facades in insulated sandwich panels created a stunning, energy-efficient commercial space.

Another selection of our completed projects

This is just a selection from previously completed projects spanning across Europe and the United States. Ranging from impressive variations in size, there has always been a consistent focus on technology and execution.

Whether it's a well-insulated production space, an efficient packing and shipping department, a stylish showroom, or a functional office space – we supply all materials and pay close attention to details.

Our years of experience in constructing commercial spaces in various forms and executions ensure quality and sustainability.

From pure engineering and material supply to complete installation, our projects tell the story of innovation, expertise, and dedication to every detail.