the T-bouwsystemen patented guttersystem

Based on years of experience, T-Bouwsystemen has developed a new, now patented, gutter system for the Venlo Roof system. Most important characteristic of this gutter system is the unique PVC core. This PVC core functions as a thermal barrier and thus prevents a thermal bridge, making condensation a thing of the past.

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fits on virtually any greenhouse gutter

The T-Bouwsystemen gutter system is designed in such a way that it can be applied on almost any Venlo gutter. The design also takes into account the method of assembly of the gutter system, which achieves a high degree of accuracy. 

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specifications of the t-bouwsystemen guttersystem

  • The aluminium gutter system has a PVC core between the gutter profile and the gutter cover profile
  • the PVC core functions as an insulating element and can thus prevent a thermal bridge and condensation
  • At the same time, the PVC core functions as a strong connection between the gutter profile and the gutter cover profile
  • the gutter cover profile, equipped with EPDM tape, is firmly pressed onto the PVC core and thus closes the gutter system weatherproof.
  • the T-Bouwsysteem Venlo gutter system can be applied to almost any Venlo gutter and is suitable for sandwich panels with a core of 40mm to 170mm
  • The profiles and PVC core of the T-Bouwsystemen ( Venlo ) gutter system are supplied as a compact package
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ready for the future

For 20 years now, T-Bouwsystemen has been offering all materials and the assembly for building premises. In addition to the day-to-day work with the projects, our employees are constantly busy with new developments behind the scenes. High costs for energy and other building requirements relating to the environment or, for example, fire safety force us to review all parts of the construction process. This way we ensure that our systems are ready for the future!

more information

Would you like additional information on our new TB- guttersystem or would you like to show us your building plans ? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists.


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