insulated panels for cold and freezer storage

In refrigerated and freezer environments, stringent standards demand top insulation for wall and ceiling panels. At T-Bouwsystemen, we rise to the challenge, offering tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

For specialized applications in the food industry, we go the extra mile by providing a foodsafe coating. This ensures that our panels not only meet insulation requirements but also adhere to the strictest hygiene standards, safeguarding your products and reputation.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability and excellence, we're dedicated to enhancing your refrigerated and freezer spaces. 

We take immense pride in presenting our premium sandwich panels, where superior insulation, impeccable coating, and unwavering reliability come together seamlessly.

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entrance systems for the cold or freezer storage

At T-Bouwsystemen, we offer a comprehensive selection of matching access systems designed specifically for refrigerated and freezer cells. Our diverse range includes a variety of solutions to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a single swing door or a sleek sliding option, with or without automatic control, we've got the solution.

Looking for something more dynamic? Consider our high-speed roll door for enhanced efficiency. Whatever your requirements may be, we're eager to explore all possibilities with you. Let's discuss how we can tailor the perfect solution to elevate your operations.

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the right drive for the right application

In addition to hermetically sealing the insulated refrigerator or freezer room, reliable operation is of great importance. For example, a manual operation will suffice if you only store your products in the cold store a few times a day. If the cold store is frequently used, an automatic system for opening and closing will be preferred.

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