the insulated greenhouse roof

The term 'Knikdek' has its origins in the horticultural sector. It included the sawing and folding of insulated sandwich façade panels as a freestanding roof on a, usually Venlo, substructure. 

Meanwhile further developments have led to a more effective construction method for this type of insulated greenhouse roof. Today we use, two cut-to-size sandwich panels  We fasten the two panels using  an aluminium ridge profile and place both panels on the gutter of the substructure by means of our unique TB-guttersystem.

sandwich knikdak 3

Weatherproof finish

The most important requirement for this insulated greenhouse roof, is the fact that it is weatherproof. T-Bouwsystemen has developed a specially, patented, TB-gutter system with a PVC thermal break. All seams of the roof are sealed with a special sealant. The thermal break in the TB-gutter system prevents a thermal bridge, which makes condensation a thing of the past. By placing the flashings on the ridge, the entire roof is completed weatherproof.

T Bouwsystemen knikdek in afbouw fase groot formaat

new construction or refurbishing

An insulated Greenhouse roof offers a light but solid roof and can be mounted on any Venlo substructure construction. This can be included as part of a new construction, but can also be mounted on an existing substructure. Together with the assembly of insulated façade panels, you can then relatively easily change part of your construction into an insulated production area or storage or office spaces.

Knikdek leeds

all parts of the insulated roof system supplied

For the insulated  Greenhouse roof we supply the façade panels to measure. We supply our ridge profiles and the T-Bouwsystemen gutter system as a total package. Together with all flashings, mounting materials and detailed instructions, the technicians can get started right away.  


In principle, you have the same options in coatings and colours as with the façade panels. However, we often recommend choosing a lighter color with a strong and colorfast Ultra-X-70-75μm or the HPS Ultra 200μm coating. As a result, the Knikdek reflects the solar radiation more effectively and your roof is well protected against the various weather influences.

T Bouwsystemen Montage Knikdek subformaat
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T Bouwsystemen Knikdek in Canada subformaat

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