Daylight systems

Light creates space. T-Bouwsystemen provides daylight systems, such as skylights, continuous  rooflights or fixed light strips all made of various materials. The skylights can either be fixed in the roof or equipped with an automatic drive in which case the chosen daylight system also serves as part of the ventilation. This goes for the individual skylights and for the fully integrated continuous rooflight. Whichever you prefer to get installed.

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The fire brigade can set specific requirements for the smoke and heat dissipation when building your business premises.  T-Bouwsystemen works with a certified company that has  experience in applying various RWA systems for all types of roofs all over the world. This applies to the skylight, the lift system and the associated alarm system and sensors.

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she Light dome on greenhouse roof

In collaboration with our supplier, T-Bouwsystemen offers a SHE skylight dome that can be mounted on an insulated Venlo roof. We supply the SHE skylight dome with the lift system, the associated controls, sensors and acoustic / visual signalers. It goes without saying we also provide the necessary certification for you.

The SHE(V) skylights can also be included in the climate control for additional ventilation, whereby of course the smoke heat extraction always has priority.

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