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At T-Bouwsystemen, we bring together a comprehensive range of expertise, all under one roof. Our specialization lies in providing premium materials for the construction of steel-built commercial spaces, ensuring a seamless process from inception to completion. Choosing steel as your building material unlocks a realm of opportunities, boasting swift construction timelines and an extensive array of options for cladding and finishing. Discover efficiency, versatility, and unparalleled quality with T-Bouwsystemen – where innovation intertwines with reliability.

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Total solutions

At T-Bouwsystemen, we handle everything from material supply to technical challenges for your project. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive construction manual detailing technical specifications for selected materials, assembly methods, and finishing techniques.

From transforming your sketch or basic drawing into a comprehensive construction plan, complete with technical drawings and construction calculations, to overseeing the entire assembly process based on the finalized plan, we offer end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs. Let us take care of every detail, ensuring seamless execution and peace of mind for your project.


NEW technical developments 

New developments are evaluated and, if effective, implemented. Within T-Bouwsystemens, new techniques are also being developed.  We have designed a patented TB-Guttersystem that has become a part of the TB-Hortiroof.

This is the evolved version of what is known in the industry as the Venlo "Knikdek". You can find the benefits of the TB-Hortiroof and the integrated TB-Guttersystem in the corresponding chapters.

We collaborate with renowned partners, ensuring continuity in both quality and innovation. This includes new techniques for entrance systems and daylight systems. The advantage is that this allows you to take advantage of the latest trends in technology and design.

Every day, we focus on new solutions to enhance the quality of products and support / improve the installation of various systems.

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