A thoughtful construction forms the essential backbone of every project, whether it's realizing a brand-new commercial space or renovating an existing location. Our engineers approach each project as a unique entity, meticulously considering the specific function of the commercial space. It is this function that serves as the guiding principle for strategic decisions and the meticulous composition of the steel structure.

By taking the function as a guide, we can identify and incorporate specific requirements into the design. Whether it's supporting heavy machinery, creating open workspaces, or maximizing natural light, every decision in the design process is thoughtful and tailored.

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T-Bouwsystemen supplies various types of steel structures. Think of the Venlo greenhouse construction, wide-span construction and steel constructions using Sigma profiles. All constructions are provided with specific calculations, which are done by a recognized construction agency.

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T-Bouwsystemen only supplies steel constructions calculated by the constructor on the basis of the applicable and required standards.

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